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Sigal was established as a Private Share Holding, Limited Liability Company in March 2003 by a group of prominent specialists in the industry who strive to present their international experience to local and international market. We are committed to work hand by hand with the farmer to achieve his goal through out utilizing a wealth of marketing knowledge, longstanding experience, and practical implementation of innovative ideas in the agricultural field.
Quality and unique products are our target followed by full technical support through our professional team in the area.

Our Products

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Reasonable Pricing With Commitment To Quality

Our wide range of respected brands and supplier products are used in successfully for yield growth.


Our partners enjoy highly economical and wide range of agro chemical Pesticides for agriculture.


We have full range of seeds for various stages in your farming along with tailored solutions

Our Services

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Market information, recommendations, connections & solutions.

Trial Stations

Sigal Agri Mat Co own and manage trial stations where we handle different stages of vegetable seeds trials ( screening , demo, and pre commercial ) in both protected or open field crops for our seeds suppliers, partners, or contractors providing confidential scientific and reliable technical data and reports.

Sales & Technical Support

Experts in all kinds of long scale projects

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Pioneers and one of the most reliable companies with long reputable experience in the Jordanian Agri-business market. Experts and specialist in agriculture industry in MENA area, certified by The Jordanian Agricultural Engineers Association.

Members of Jordan Exporters And Producers Association For Fruits And Vegetables

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Timely delivered, provide our clients with premium products and services

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Highly proficient experts for all agricultural sectors.

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Our products pass through intensive research and experiments before reaching customers.

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority

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Our partners have long lasting relationships with us from across 

Middle East and Europe

"Sigal Agriculture helped us improve our yield throughout our farming process
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Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.

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