Esseco has been operating in the sector of sulfur chemistry and its derivatives for almost a century. We are proud to Supply Esseco products in some Middle Eastern and North African countries.


-Secofit K (Potassium thiosulphate solution )

-Secofit TS (Ammonium thiosulaphate solution )

– Sferosol ( special elemental Sulphur and Bentonite pastille compound )



Cifo products are results of 50 years’ experience in plant nutrition, which are able to satisfy all nutritional needs and guarantee the best vegetative and productive development

  • Sinergon 2000
  • Algacifo
  • Idrofloral Ca

Lima Europe

A global supplier of specialty fertilizer products. started in Belgium in 1999, building itself and its famous GROGREEN brand a reputation of quality and reliability

  • Rootcare NPK
  • Grogreen NPK
  • Gel fertilizer
  • Five multi (NPK with Ca and Mg)
  • Micronutrients
  • K-humus 95
  • Protekt-P
  • Pro Mino

JH Biotech

A world leader in crop and animal nutrition, agricultural research, and product development, JH Biotech has been a green agriculture powerhouse for over 30 years.

  • Phosgard: readily absorbable phosphorus
  • Humax 95 WSG
  • Humax L
  • Biomin: Correct nutrient deficiencies fast with patented chelated minerals available in single and multimineral combinations
  • Nutrimin: Powder micronutrient chelated with GlycinAmino Acid
  • Fulzyme Plus: microbiological fertilizer, contains billions of beneficial bacteria

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